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SmartMap 0.6 (Planned)

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Updated: Jul 7, 2009 by Ioncycle
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Release Notes

Smart Map is going to receive major enhancements this year to eventually become more of a complete industry solution for 3D structure generation.
Smart Map is now being worked on by more contributors than ioncycle so hopefully progress will be more quick and refined.

Some features planned are:
  1. Multi-Layer (Z-Order) support for adding multiple map layers, as like with floors of a house and then furniture and items over that
  2. In the World_Editor GUI, a Mesh Importer tab to import meshes and keep a small database of the meshName-meshSize-topDownPreviewImage pairs
  3. Mesh Image preview
  4. Possible edge manipulator to edit maps in GUI.
  5. Script based, random map generation with scripted dialog, goals, and media.
  6. A QuadTree SceneManager for isometric perspective with other types being worked on later.
  7. New libraries for SceneManager, Render, and UI to support your preferred world creation style. (isometric or first person)