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SmartMap Version 0.535 (TEST CASE)

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Released: Jun 4, 2009
Updated: Jul 7, 2009 by Ioncycle
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Release Notes

  1. Make sure to have TileThreshhold set to around 10 below the total tile number per structure or it doesnt randomize for some reason.
  2. Fully upgraded QuickGraph for .NET 3.5 using Generics
  3. Recognition of outer wall meshes. NearbyEdgesEmpty() can be set to recognize more meshes. Keep experimenting.
  4. A third Y height added to the Vertex struct and hence SmartMap is now fully 3D.
  5. FLOAT and INT32 are being used for Point and Vector structs to have a 2D and 3D element for the prime Generic for more accuracy and speed.
  6. Automated terrain deformation is now in using Set HeightAt(). Terrain is re-molded but not re-loaded through LoadWorldGeometry() as that makes it almost black. Needs to be fixed, even for planet to planet terrain changes.
(comment SetHeightAt() out for now as it's causing a memory leak in this release).

  1. Error Handling around BFS Algorithm Compute()
  2. Y-Height aspect added for Vertex navigation.
  3. AI Pathfinding is in although a little buggy with the rotation and terrain navigation.
  4. Automated terrain deformation is now in!
  5. Updated to QuickGraph w/Generics (.NET 3.5)
  6. Outer and inner wall recognition plus more
  7. Octree type terrain. Can be used for zoning as well.
  8. Complex GUI
  9. Random flat (X, Z) mesh creation in an organized way (a labyrinth using about 5-10 different meshes to create rooms and walls)
  10. Random structures wrap around terrain with added UI settings support.
  11. A paging 3D labyrinth creator that is infinite. (uses QuickGraph for maze creation).
  12. A complete basic 2D GDI+ based graphics engine. Used as a GUI right now for maze and location detection.

  1. Memory leak still in release version but not in debug.
  2. Molding could be better as triangles are too large in some areas to mold well. So better to increase Octree polysize.
  3. Mesh batching is in for the next Crickhollow release of SmartMap
  4. Add better 'minimalist' error handling
  5. Zones will be created from Octree Nodes.
  6. Add in XML support for saving and loading of maps.
  7. Only dynamically load in meshes that are dynamic as you move for Draw4D. This will include items and NPCs.
  8. Use CEGUI and Render To Texture for aspects of Draw2D.
  9. Add more media types in Draw4D to associate with types found in other open source projects.

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